4 ways to encourage recycling cooperation at events


If you want to make your next event as green and sustainable as possible, you’re going to need as much cooperation as possible from the people attending the event. You can draw up a seemingly fool proof waste management plan and order state-of-the-art waste stations for events – but all your efforts will be in vain if no one uses your recycling bins and litter is dropped everywhere.

Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to encourage cooperation at your next event. Here are a few starting points:

1. Spread the word. No one will get involved in your recycling initiatives if they don’t know about them, so make sure you put up signs, posters and other informative literature to help people find and take part in your initiatives.

2. Offer rewards. Examples of this kind of initiative include offering discounts at food stalls for people who collect and hand in the most plastic bottles.

3. Set and publicise a goal. Let people know about your green goals and targets (i.e. sending zero waste to landfill during the event) and encourage them to take part – make it seem like a team effort and people are more likely to want to help.

4. Make recycling easy. The thinking behind this one is simple – the easier you make it, the more people will do it. Make your event waste recycling bins and stations very easy to find and use – placing them near to accommodation, food stalls and next to toilet facilities is always a good idea.

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