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Festival Waste Management

Festival Waste Management is one of the most important elements of successful event organisation.

Our waste management service covers all areas of the festival including clinical waste, oil disposal and bulk waste removal.

Our team are all fully trained and will be on-site throughout the build, duration and de-rigging of your festival with constant litter picking and waste station emptying using our non-intrusive “mules.” (Not only are the mules non-intrusive they are able to get around the festival site in all weather conditions, especially if trackway isn’t provided to all areas).

Our recycling strategy is fully inclusive.  Our brightly coloured waste stations allow the public to segregate cans and metals, plastics, paper and card and general and food waste on site creating the recycling process to start from the moment an item is placed in a bin.

We have a complete service guide available but popular with festival events are:

  • Eye-catching waste stations
  • Waste disposal and recycling
  • Skip hire
  • Waste station monitoring
  • Trade and catering waste services
  • Unobtrusive 4×4 mini cart and trailer waste collection
  • Waste and recycling reporting as standard
  • Litter picking teams
  • On site communication equipment
  • Heras fencing and crowd barriers
  • Camping bag recycling packs and drop off points
  • Individual glass bins
  • All relevant certificates, licences and insurance documents provided
  • Method statements and risk assessments produced

Rupert Bassadone, Head Of Operations – WOMAD Festival

Having spent a considerable period of time on the tender process for our waste management contract, M.J Church stood out as eager and committed to providing a recycling and litter picking service that was challenging the industry to think outside of the box.  The team on-site did an outstanding job; every morning the festival arena was spotless, and we had countless words of praise from all corners.  MJC have a professional process from the tendering process to being on site through to producing a report on waste recycled.

Also, we’ve never had so many purses and wallets handed in full of money and personal belongings.  Their litter picking team are second to none.

pdf logoWOMAD Case Study

Please contact us to find out how we can help with your festival’s waste management.