A photo of recycling bins

Meet the Bins

Our recycling stations are very distinctive, easily recognisable and highly visible making them very successful for events.

All of our waste stations are colour coded and labelled (red for plastics, blue for paper, yellow for metals and black for food & general waste) as well as each stream having its own unique dispensary shape.

We provide a variety of different set ups depending on your needs.

The Pods

Each 360l plastic bin is enclosed in large locked unit made from rototooled plastic moulding.  The bins can be grouped together as a set of 4, set up as singular units or placed in a line as required.  Waste streams can vary according to the areas in which they are used.


These 240l plastic bins are set out on a metal frame.  Rows are very versatile because we can mix waste streams and the number of bins to suit set up.

Mini Rows

Each 20l bin is specifically designed and made from a rototooled plastic moulding.  Ideally suited for smaller areas or indoor spaces the mini bins can be hooked together, floor based or wall hung.