image of bins at an event

The Event Story

Every event is different but to give you an idea of what “a day at the office” is like here’s what we will be doing before, during and after your event.

Pre-Event Waste Management

The first thing we do when we arrive on site is place the waste stations around the arena, camping areas, production areas and so on.  Our waste stations are very distinctive, highly visible and colour-coded for the different segmentations:  Black for general & food waste, red for all plastics, yellow for all metals and blue for paper & card.

We visit all the traders and caterers, hand out recycling bags and tell them about how we will look after them throughout the event.

Just before the event stars we pre-sweep the whole site clearing away any waste and litter created during setup.

Waste Management During the Event

If the event has camping areas we will be on hand when the campers arrive to hand out a recycling pack of colour coded recycling bags.

Once the event starts, we continuously litter pick the area, monitor waste stations and look after the traders, caterers and production teams.

Event Recycling

We don’t let our waste stations overfill so we are periodically emptying them. We don’t like driving around events in large trucks as we think that’s very intrusive so we empty the waste stations by hand and walk the waste to a safe place where we use mini carts and trailers.  We take the bags of waste, to an on-site compound, where they are checked for contamination (the recyclables haven’t been mixed up), segregated and bulked up into large skips.  We do not compact the materials.  After the event we take the bulk-segregated waste to the relevant recycling stations in skips or other means.

Post-Event Waste Management

Once the event has finished we clear up after the traders, litter pick across the whole site, collect our waste stations and when everything is de-rigged and everyone has left the site we do a final intense clean making sure the site is totally cleared of all waste.

If you would like more information on the services we provide please contact us.